October Marks Audiology Awareness Month

October is more than just the enjoyment of fall and all things pumpkin spiced. October also marks the fact that it is Audiology Awareness Month. This month is dedicated to protecting your hearing and celebrating the people who help you regain your hearing. This is also a great chance to let friends and family know […]

North County Audiology Joins Oticon’s Annual “Pink with a Purpose” Campaign to Support Breast Cancer Research

San Diego hearing care center commits their support by offering the limited edition Alta “Think Pink” hearing aid to help raise funds for breast cancer awareness. September 30, 2013 (San Diego, CA) – In support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, San Diego audiologist, Dr. Kenneth Podlenski of North County Audiology,, will participate in […]

How To Fight Hearing Loss, an Invisible Disease

Hearing loss can be quite frustrating to live with. It is a disease that can slowly attack, seemingly taking over your life. It can keep you at home instead of out to dinner with friends and it can make job interviews seem much more intimidating. However hearing loss doesn’t have to control your life. Hearing […]

How To Use Your Hearing Aid As A Way To Connect With Others

Those who suffer from hearing loss know all too well how frustrating it can be when they are out in loud public places. Loud places can make communication difficult even with hearing aids but  sometimes people may feel nervous about being seen with a hearing aid making it even more frustrating for the person with […]

How To Keep Your Hearing Aids Clean

For those who are hard of hearing, hearing aids are a lifeline. Hearing aids can help keep someone safe, connected with friends and family, and productive in the workplace. These reasons are why it is always very important to keep your hearing aid in great working condition. That means keeping it clean and getting it […]