Articles By: Dr. Podlenski

Taking Vitamins To Protect Your Hearing

There are constantly new studies being conducted to research the causes and treatments of hearing loss. These new studies give us a more indepth look at how to ear works and how we can help reverse any damage that may be causing hearing loss. How many times have you been told take your vitamins? Well, […]

Hearing Loss Prevention: Why You Should Start Now

Hearing loss can be caused by numerous different factors ranging from genetic, general aging, illness, wax build up, and so on. Sometimes hearing loss can be treated, especially when due to something like earwax build up or an infection, however not everyone is so lucky. More often than not hearing loss is not totally treatable, […]

Leading Hearing Center in San Diego Moves To a New Location

San Diego-based audiology practice, North County Audiology moves to a brand new location in San Diego, California.   SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA –August 7, 2013 –North County Audiology,,proudly announces the grand opening of their brand new office location at 12396 World Trade Drive, Suite 205 in San Diego, California.  The North County Audiology hearing center […]

How To Enjoy Summer Time Fun With Hearing Aids

Summer brings so many activities that we love. Now, especially with the summer heat many of those activities involve water. We want to make sure that our friends with hearing aids can still enjoy summer fun while also being able to hear those around them. Here are some helpful summertime tips for how to enjoy […]

Common Noises That Are Harmful To Ears

Hearing loss affects people differently. Some are born with hearing loss, for others its a normal part of the aging process, and for some it is due to long term exposure to loud noises. A lot of the time we don’t even realize that many common sounds can be harmful to our ears. By keeping […]

Smoking During Pregnancy Linked To Hearing Loss

Keeping your ears safe may start at a much younger age than most people realize. Damage to your ears is almost always irreversible. To avoid hearing loss at a young age and for the rest of your life it is important to always wear hearing protectors when possible and to always remember to treat an […]

Using Wireless Technology With Your Hearing Aid

The ability to connect to the world around us wirelessly has become to many a necessity of life. Wireless technology via cell phones, iPads, and more can keep a business owner up to date at all times; or gives the everyday person access to unlimited amounts of information at any time of day. Wireless technology […]

Hearing Impairment Stigma Disappearing in Today’s World

In the past, hearing loss carried a stigma along with it. This was due to the fact that hearing loss can greatly impact a persons ability to communicate with others. Making even the smallest social settings anxiety filled for those with hearing loss, and for those who weren’t sure how to speak to people with […]

Esteem Hearing Device Implants Now Available at North County Audiology

San Diego audiology practice, North County Audiology is now offering Esteem hearing device implants, a new surgical hearing loss treatment. The Esteem is intended to improve hearing loss as well as a traditional hearing aid without any visible external components.   SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – May 16, 2013 –North County Audiology,, a San Diego […]

How Hearing Loss Affected Those Involved in the Boston Bombings and the Fertilizer Plant Explosion in Texas

In the wake of tragedy felt in Boston from the appalling bombings to terrifying explosion due to a fire at the Texas fertilizer plant, many people are left suffering from unthinkable disabilities. These injuries felt by people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds were unfortunately sudden, leaving many victims with permanent disabilities. Not all of […]